Convert your visitors to clients, with an online presence.

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile is a critical asset for your business, not only does this profile offer hard and fast information about your company, but it also provides immediate insights into your popularity and brand reputation.

Let’s say, for instance, you run a catering business in South Africa, when somebody searches for the phrase “catering”, your Google My Business profile will appear within Google Search and Google Maps.

From your profile, the customer will be able to see the distance to your premises, the ratings you have received, images of your products and services, your contact information, and your operating hours. In some cases, the customer will be able to contact you directly on Google.

When searching directly on Google, Google My Business profiles will have 3 entries appearing on the first page of results for relevant searches, on mobile, these even appear right at the top of results.

Below are snippets of how it appears on your PC and Mobile view:

Google My Business Profile and Google Reviews

PC Screenshot

Google My Business Profile and Google Reviews

Mobile Phone Screenshot

Google is always trying to display the most relevant information to a customer; therefore, their algorithm will rank profiles that are completed fully, have reviews, and are in the area relevant to the search.

If you don’t have a Google My Business profile, or if you have not set it up correctly, you are missing out on a real opportunity to gain new leads.

This can be done directly on or reach out to a professional service provider, like Domain That Name to assist you.

The effect of reviews on Google My Business

The likelihood of the searcher clicking on your profile when they see that you have bad reviews or few reviews is very slim. And so, without even a chance to speak to them and show them your worth, you have lost the sale. Secondly, Google will automatically prioritize service providers’ profiles with the best reviews and highest quantity of reviews.

Generally, trust from Google and the general population is based on two factors…

  • What is your overall rating? Is it over 4? Is it close to 5?
  • How many reviews have you had to validate that? If it’s just a couple, then the overall rating doesn’t hold much worth… If it’s over 30 or even a couple hundred, your rating holds a lot more worth.

As shown in the image below:


Before even considering spending loads of money on SEO, invest in your Google My Business profile and the reviews you are receiving. It’s a fraction of the cost and it comes with real credibility.

How to get more Google Reviews?

You may know that you provide a better service than your competitors, but if that is not reflected in your Google Reviews, it doesn’t matter. Below are 3 options you can consider to get more Google reviews.

  • Ask! After you have serviced a client that has expressed their gratitude, immediately ask them for a Google Review… It’s your opportune window.
  • Make it part of your revenue/business model… I have seen a business do this and it works. Offer clients a discount on their invoice if they give you a review, it’s likely going to be a positive review as they know they will be receiving a discount.
  • Include the link to your Google My Business review tab on your email signature with a message asking customers to review the service they have received.

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