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As business owners, we partner with you to ensure that your business website is constantly on-point and delivering its fundamental purpose with very little effort from you.

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We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

  • Running a business is a lot of work on its own. Let us handle all the technical hassles and you focus on your business.
  • Our Managed WordPress Business Websites guarantee unmatched performance, reliability, and tailored designs according to your needs.
  • If you’re a small business owner, just getting started, or a well-established business owner who wants to give your business a digital facelift, we’re certain we’ll find the perfect package for you!
  • We offer support that acts as your extended team, making Domain That Name an ultimate choice for growing businesses.


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Why choose our Managed WordPress Business websites?

Our Managed WordPress websites include everything you need to get your website hosted, secured, maintained, and always up to date.

Built to Last

Learn more about all that we offer to your site.

Premium Divi Theme

A market-leading Premium WordPress Theme, Divi, gives you so much flexibility in terms of design which makes it so much easier for your website to stand out.

SSL Certificate

Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, convey trust to users, which means that HTTPS websites have their traffic encrypted by SSL.

Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates

Plugin and Theme updates are mandatory. This is important in order to improve the functionality of your website, increase security, as well as fix bugs, and improve website speed.

Content Updates

We allocate respective time per month for your website content updates, depending on the package you select. Email us the content to be updated and we will do the rest for you.

Manage WordPress Business Website

WordPress Core Updates

At times critical updates become available to your core WordPress files. A critical update means there may be an issue with your website that could cause major issues for your website or your visitors. We are always on top of these updates as it is a top priority for us to keep your website SAFE and SECURE.

Our Features


The add-ons to boost your website to the next level!

Managed WordPress Business Medium Website

Security Monitoring

We arm your website with:

  • Scheduled security scans
  • Login protection and masking
  • Audit Logging
  • Blocklist monitoring
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Changed file restore and repair
Managed WordPress Business Medium Website

Performance Optimization

This Add-on is an absolute must-have!  Using premium software Hummingbird and Smush Pro, we’ll get you as close to that perfect page speed score as you’re ever likely to get. Poor website performance is like basically handing over your prospective customers to your competitors.

Managed WordPress Large Website

Up-time Monitoring

This add-on notifies us if your site is Up or Down and its duration since your last Downtime. This enables us to act quickly to resolve any issues. In your monthly report, you will get a full statistics report that shows graphs of:

  • Uptime
  • Downtime
  • Last Downtime
Managed WordPress Business Small Website


Turn on the full power of site analytics. Using Beehive Pro we can quickly and easily add Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics to your sites. Enjoy:

  • Quick and easy Google Analytics connection
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Customize data and dashboards to suit
  • Multisite analytics reports
  • Monitor posts, pages, and referring links
Managed WordPress Business Medium Website

Search Engine Optimization

Using the premium plugin SmartCrawl, which provides everything needed for fast and powerful WordPress SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features like:

  • Automated SEO checkups and reports
  • Sitemap auto-generator and search engine notifications
  • Titles and meta description optimization
  • Full support for default schema.org types
  • Site crawls, scans, and reports
  • Automatic linking
  • Advanced social media sharing
Managed WordPress Business Small Website


This add-on gives you access to all the add-ons at a discounted rate. Giving you access to every tool and service to allow you to succeed at a ridiculously good price.

Google absolutely loves WordPress

WordPress powers 43% of all websites on the Internet and holds a 65% market share for Website Content Management Systems. WordPress caters for the mobile consumer; their websites can be viewed on any device, no matter the screen. As the WordPress community is vast and spread out worldwide, the platform is updated frequently, either to fix bugs or add new features. Loading time and code structure are among the main improvements carried out. WordPress is always undergoing improvements. Updates can be as often as 3-4 times a year.