Receiving “WARNING The domain “” has reached their disk quota”?, then you could be a victim of cPanel Phishing.

Attackers have found a new way to try and gain access to your servers, and it is not through the normal spam emails that we are used to. They have found a way to disguise themselves as a legitimate email coming from your servers when in fact it’s a phishing attack.

Have you been receiving emails with the subject “WARNING: The domain has reached their disk quota.”? If you have then you have to be very careful and avoid clicking on any of the links attached to that email. cPanel support has recently denied that this email comes from them and instead insisted that they are fake, phishing emails that are disguised as if they’re coming from your server. They try to navigate you to a fake website hoping that you will enter your cPanel login credentials.

If successful, this can be a very serious form of attack as the attacker can gain access to your cPanel, lock you out for ransom or access and use your intellectual property.

Below is a snippet of what the email could look like:

cPanel Phishing

As shown above, if you look closely at the address where the email was sent from you can see that it’s not coming from your server. Hence you should be careful and not trust any link that’s attached to this email, rather you should contact your web host and ask them to check if your disk storage is all okay.

It’s important to stay up to date with the different attacks that are being used so that you won’t be caught slipping and becoming a victim. For more info on related content, here is a link to a cPanel support thread.

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