Step 1

To get started on setting up IMAP email on your Android phone, navigate to the mail/email app (not Outlook app). Click “Settings” in your menu and then click “Add Account”. Ensure you choose to add  an “Other” account (Preventing your emails from a different account to be overridden, should you have one email existing already)

Fill in your email address (referred to as you username) and your password for your email address. Click “Manual Setup”

Step 2

Select “IMAP”. Then Click next.

Step 3

Fill in your full email address as your username, enter your email password.

For Server, type in “mail.<your domain>”. Example :

Port : 993

Security Type : “SSL/TSL”

Click “Next”

NOTE: If it does not precede to the next step, then most likely you’ve made a spelling mistake when typing in the email address, you’ve entered in the password incorrectly or your PORT is incorrect.

Step 4

Type in your outgoing mail server ; “mail.<your domain>”. Eg.

Port : 465.

Security type: “SSL/TLS”.

Type in your full email address as your username & your email password.

Then click “Next”.

Step 5

Change your settings to suit your needs, then click “next”.

Step 6 (Optional)

Change the name that will display as your Account Name for your email address.

Click “next”.

Your settings will be tested and your email will then be successfully created.

If not, revise all your email credentials and ensure you enter the right details, then test again.