To add a brand new email account (no other emails have already been setup on your IPhone):

Step 1

Click on your mail icon.

Choose “other” from the list of email account types.


Step 2

Fill in your email account details;

The name of your account (what will be displayed when people receive your emails ie. Company name)

Your email account and password credentials

Then Click “Next”


Step 3

Choose the “POP” option at the top of your screen.

Fill in your email credentials, the same as the previous step.

Add your incoming and outgoing server credentials;

Host : mail.<your domain>


Username: Your FULL email address

Password: Your email password

Step 4

Click “Save”

Your settings will be tested and saved onto you IPhone.

To add a new email account (when you already have other email accounts set up):

Step 1

Go to your settings.

Click on the “Mail,Contacts,Calendars” option.

Under accounts, click “Add Account”



Step 2

Follow Steps 1-4 from “To add a brand new email account” guide above.