Create a great user experience for your clients with Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps are beginning to gain popularity since they have proven to be the solution to SMB’s who might not have the budget to pay for developers to develop mobile applications for their businesses. To create a mobile app, developers would need to learn and understand the various languages and coding tools which could be quite time-consuming and consequently expensive. The tools have evolved over the years, allowing the creation of mobile applications to be more accessible to not only professional developers but low-code/no-code makers as well. Among the most successful PWA’s, there are Pinterest, Starbucks, Twitter Lite, The Washington Post, Forbes, and more.

A Progressive Web App is just a web app that is optimized to run “like an app” on a mobile device. They appear just like a native app designed for iOS/Android would, but they work within a standard browser. This means anyone who knows how to create a web application using WordPress, the basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can use the same building blocks to build a mobile application. There are even simple WordPress plugins that can convert your website into a PWA in minutes!


The Power of Progressive Web App

Advantages of PWA

  • PWA technologies allow for some mobile app features which are not necessarily found on a standard web app, such as offline availability. It can be configured so that it can continue to run on a mobile device even when the connection is lost or the device is offline. A PWA can potentially operate online and offline without any “page not found” errors. In some PWA’s, you may get an offline message, but still, be able to elegantly navigate the app.
  • A PWA app can be installed easily by navigating to the URL in a browser and then adding the app to the device’s home screen. Essentially this is just a browser bookmark, but the link instead will act more like a native mobile app. If you do not know how to set everything up, you could reach out to us (Domain That Name) and we can gladly assist you with both, the designing of your website and the creation of your mobile application through a PWA.
  • It can be installed from the app store just like any normal mobile application but the advantage is that whenever there are any updates, it automatically updates in real-time as opposed to installing new updates.
  • A PWA is just a link to a website, so it will take considerably fewer resources than a fully installed app on your device, however, it is important to note that a PWA may use a lot of space for offline storage, but a well-designed app should minimize the amount of offline data required. Another huge benefit is that you don’t need to create an app for a specific platform, you could create a PWA for Android, IOS, or another platform by just creating one web app.
  • Commonly to the Native applications, PWA also uses the device push-notification feature. This is a perfect capability for companies and their advertising campaigns. Why is this opportunity so great? Because users allow their PWA to send them notifications and these notifications are highly noticeable on mobile screens. Thus, the companies have a chance to access their target audience, reach out to their users more often and become more recognized as a brand.
  • Another advantage of PWA is the possibility to contribute to Search Engine Optimization and their content is always featured in the search results. Google tools can even find your PWA score in the search results. The only case here is that the content of the app should be unique and search-relevant.
  • PWAs use HTTPS to manage and maintain the safety of data stored within them, eliminate risks of security breaches, snooping, content tampering, and other illegal activity.

Disadvantages of PWA

Just like any other thing, PWA also has its downside which includes:

  • Certain device APIs (camera, location services, accelerator detection, etc) are difficult to access via a web app, which makes the idea of a native app make much more sense.
  • It drains battery life very fast as it requires intense usage of the CPU.


Progressive Web Applications make it possible for numerous popular companies to experience a look and feel that is so close to a native application whilst not breaking the bank to achieve it. It increases the overall user experience and engagement immensely, which is why many companies should look to make use of it. If you need to consult on the pros and cons of using a PWA, or whether your current web app is compatible, or if you need a new web app that we can later configure for a PWA, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you.